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Autopack design and manufacture a range of Quality Bundle Shrink Wrappers for most products and most industries. Modular design with speeds ranging from 10 to 130 packs/min and scalable technology to suit needs and budgets of Small businesses up to Multinational Corporation.

The animation illustrates the principle of shrink packaging using basic product collating options. Choosing the right machine requires deeper knowledge of product, packaging process and machine options. Contact us and let Autopack People help you to make the right choice.

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Six tubes standing up wrapped in shrink film

Autopack releases new Shrink Wrapper for Cream/Paste Tubes


Personal care products in tubes, due to their shape, are traditionally placed inside small cartons before the next packing stage for retail or transport. Once enclosed, the rectangular shape of the carton allows for easy multipacking with standard shrink packaging machines having integral vertical or horizontal collators.

However, in recent years there has been a demand for packs containing as little as two tubes. In such cases, the cost of both using a carton and wrapping in shrink film is significant, which has led to increasing demand for the packaging of tubes without carton. The tubular shape flattened at one end, sometimes with smaller cap than the body, presents some challenges in conveying, grouping and wrapping.

Packaging machine manufacturers that took up the challenge produced two kinds of machines, ones with tubes laying flat during conveying and packing process, ones with tubes standing up. Standing tubes require the cap to be flat and nearly the same diameter as the body to avoid toppling during the packaging process.

In response to recent customer requests, Autopack has developed its SLT Shrink Packaging System for tubes, capable of wrapping up to 50 multipacks / min. The SLT uses an indexing conveyor with adjustable restraints separating each group. In most cases the tubes arrive from a tube filler laying flat; if so the indexing conveyor has to be manually or robotically loaded.    


Holland Engineering displays Autopack Machines at Pack Expo in Chicago


Peter DeHertog of Holland Engineering with his team ready to help customers with information about Holland's range of Case and Tray packers as well as Autopack range or Shrink Bundle Wrappers 

Holland's team in action.

Peter DeHertog says: We had a very productive show in Chicago and as result looking forward to a very productive end of 2018 and an even better year in 2019.

Autopack displayed at Allpack Indonesia 17-20 Oct 2018


Allpack Indonesia provided another opportunity for Autopack to display its product. This year Autopack displayed its top of the range, high speed Bundle shrink wrapper for packing bottles, cans in food & beverage, pharma, cosmetic and household chemistry. 

50 SIM is a low cost Bottle packing machine for producing attractive packs with overlap seal at the bottom and printed film for added attraction.