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Ice Cream Tubs before shrink wrapping

Cool Packing Machine

Recently installed Autopack Machine for Shrink Packing of tapered Ice cream tubs.Totally Cool Icecream in USA is able to shrink wrap Ice cream tubs without any cardboard support. By inverting the tubs ...

Faster Carton Stacking and Shrink Wrapping

Autopack welding bar type Shrink Wrappers can wrap up to 30 bundles per min, however the final packing speed depends on how quickly one can prepare the bundle before the wrapping process.When packing cartons ...

Six tubes standing up wrapped in shrink film

Autopack releases new Shrink Wrapper for Cream/Paste Tubes

Personal care products in tubes, due to their shape, are traditionally placed inside small cartons before the next packing stage for retail or transport. Once enclosed, the rectangular shape of the carton ...

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CPhi PMec Bangkok - first participation in Bangkok !

For many year, AUTOPACK participated to CPhi-PMec in India that is among the world largest show in Pharma sector. After few smaller versions of the show in Bangkok in 2018 and 2019, AUTOPACK decided to ...

Namaste PackEx India !

Last week was a busy one for our colleagues and friends at ACG VALUE LINKS (part of world famous Associated Capsule Group) with PackEx India returning to Mumbai.Fantastic opportunity to catch up with all ...

How to eliminate defective packs at the end of line

As automation replaces manual packing at the end of line, it also removes final inspection of pack integrity. Most packaging machines may at some time produce an inferior pack due to operator error or ...

5 reams of paper shrink wrapped

Shrink Wrapper for Reams of Paper with fast integral stacker.

Autopack has extended its fast Staircase collator principle to stacking reams of paper. Generally, reams of paper are packed in a stack of 5 inside carton box or shrink wrapped.Since paper ream production ...

Autopack Standing up to Covid-19

Autopack management and staff, like a family, have stood united in the fight  against Corona Virus. Thanks to everyone's maturity and diligence in following procedures, today Autopack is still fully ...

Warsaw Pack : here we come !

Autopack creating the buzz again at Warsaw Pack earlier this month with a large booth as Andrzej S. from Autopack Poland teamed up with Andzej G. from Angoservis. All visitors could see our continuous ...